How To Design Your Own Logo

     Now more than ever we live in age of do it yourself.  With YouTube, Skillshare, Instastories, we have a wealth of knowledge literally at our finger tips and usually taught in less than 10 minutes. 

     In the past if your were not educated in a certain skill, it was usually hired out to someone who did receive a formal education in that skill and a hefty premium was paid for their knowledge. 

     But thanks to the internet and apps everyone can at least try their hand at just about anything.  That includes designing your own logo.  Here are a few free ways that you can design your own logo.  These are steps I would take if I were a beginner and apps and websites I would use. 


The best start to a good logo is knowing what you want.  Pinterest is an awesome way of flipping through color pallets, design ideas, even fonts.  Before you start designing your logo take a few days, maybe even a week and see what you like.

Camera & Pixlar

The easiest place to start is right on your phone, using an app you use quite often.  Most cellphones today are equipped with a more than capable camera for you to be able to catch the perfect shot that would be suitable for a logo.  Maybe you have a fabric texture you like as a background.  Pixlar is a great app you can download to add lettering to your photo.  Snap a shot, add topography, size it and you're done.


One of the best ways to create a poppin logo is using Canva.  If you haven't heard of Canva I don't know how big the proverbial rock you have been hiding under is, but I would like to thank you for seeking it's shelter so that I can have the honor of sharing one of the most valuable apps you will ever be introduced to. 

Canva is a mostly free app you can use that offers free picture, symbols, fonts,shapes, even templates.  There are some portions that are paid but for the most part the free aspects will go far beyond your expectation as a newbie graphic artist.  Oh yeah after you design your own logo you can add that title to your resume.

Photo Studio

Photo Studio is another great photo editing app that will give you the ability to edit to your hearts contentment.  This one had to be mentioned because there is a cool color blocking feature in the app.  Say you take a photo and want one particular thing to stand out. 

If you upload it to Photo Studio, it can turn the photo to black and white and you can touch the parts of your photo you would like to add color back to.

So now you have a running start but if you are still unsure Inc Branding can professionally design your logo for you.